Friday, January 28, 2011

Books donation to the program

Our Chess program is not just about chess.... We make sure that our chess players have a chance to learn about art and geography, literature and history . And of course, one of our goals is to encourage kids to read and love books.

It is not easy to buy books in Belize, since there are no book stores, and we are very grateful to the great donation of books that we received in December from the families of the Memorial Medical Center in Springfield, Illinois.Thanks to the efforts of David Cox and the students that helped him to bring those books to Belize, we have a chance now to give out those fabulous books to our chess players as awards for participation and effort at the tournaments, family days and other events. Those books are given to children from all the districts of Belize, and we want to say THANK YOU on their behalf to the Families of the Memorial Medical Center!

Nate Cox is giving out the books to the Junior Coach of Belize National Youth Chess Foundation, Gabriel Baron.


Chess High School Scholarship Fund in Memory of Mr Lionel Kisling

BNYCF is grateful to the family of Mr Kisling for making special arrangements to assist the chess program and establishing Chess High School Scholarship Fund in Memory of Mr Lionel Kisling.
Daughters of Mr. Kisling, Rhea and Georgina Kisling, present BNYCF with the donation that initiated that scholarship fund. THANK YOU!

To read more about Mr. Lionel Kisling, please click here IN MEMORY OF MR KISLING